Difference between Japanese salon and overseas salons

Hi! I’m Yosuke, beautician in Nagoya.

I’ll talk about the good things of Japanese beauty salon, and compare with the salon of London I’ve been before.

Designs suit to four season 桜前線のイラスト

Japanese people value four seasons. We have designs for each seasons. For example, the hair texture will have be different, and the color will be change. Our suggestion don’t make the costumers got tired.

High level hospitality


Japan is famous for national character to show hospitality for customers. Hospitality heart is No.1 in the world. In the beauty salon it is same. We decide the design with polite counseling with customers. We think that customers opinion is the most important thing.

High level quality of technique寿司職人のイラスト(女性)

Japanese people also has national character to be have the artisan spirit. Almost of beautician in Japan   has high level technique, and the customers ask high quality technique and designs. We practice long time after business hours. It is very tough, but we just do it for the customers smile.

These are the good things of Japanese beauty salon. I thought we have better hospitality than overseas salon. You definitely can relax in our place.

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