Hair treatment like a straight perm…?

Hi! I’m Yosuke, beautician in Nagoya. Our beauty salon is in Nagoya.

Today, I’ll introduce you the hair quality improvement treatment.

It is in the topic recently  in Japan.

Effect of this hair treatment

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 This is before and after of this treatment.

Before’s hair is a little messed and curly. The curl is been healed and be silky.

The difference between normal treatment

1. The place where the component affect is different

2. slightly cure the curly hair

3. cost and time

It takes a long time (2-3 hours), and it is a little expensive.

The difference between straight perm

1.affect in hair with no damage

Straight perm uses “alkali chemicals”. This component will damage your hair heavily.

This is only a treatment, so it has no damage inside.

2.the power to cure the curly hair” is weaker than straight perm.

If your natural curly hair is too strong, sometimes the straight perm is better for your hair.

You must try this treatment at least once!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

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