Getting hair cut in Nagoya

Hi! I’m Yosuke, hairdresser in Nagoya.

I’m writing this page for international people in Japan.

Don’t you take it hard to find the hair salon in Japan?

Let me introduce our salon.


 I was living in England when I was a child so, I can speak English. There are only a few beauticians could speak English. We also have some things good for you.

1. You can ask us your style in detail

Something like International people’s hopes are not been along to beautician is happening frequently. You don’t have to mind about that in our salon.

2. We can give information about Japan for you in English

You can ask us not only about beauty, but also we can give you advice.


 We have the shop in near  “Sakae Station” and “Yabachou Station”. It is about 3-minutes for walk from Yaba Station.

ADRESS… Nagoya city Nakaku Sakae 3-32-24   Kojima tent building 7F

Feel free to contact me on my INSTAGRAM.

These blogs are the other informations for international people.


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