How to care white bleach hair

Hi! I’m Yosuke, beautician in Nagoya.

Bleached hair is damaged a lot. I’ll talk about how to care white bleach hair.

Use damage care shampoo&treatment

This is the most important thing to care your hair.

I’ve wrote about this in other blog.

Shampoo and treatment in the drug store has too much washing power, so it doesn’t care your hair.

low temperature hair iron

Sometimes, people use iron in over 180℃, but this will damage your hair.

We recommend you under 160℃. 

Imagine the edge of the baked egg. It won’t be back to raw egg forever. Heat damage doesn’t heal, so don’t bake your hair by hair iron.

Dry your hair completely

Please dry your hair completely after shower. Wet hair could be damaged easily than dry hair. If you go in bed with your hair wet, it’s difficult to styling your hair next day.

Damage is the most common complex people have.

Let’s have the correct technology and get your hair beautiful.We have damage care color, feel free to contact us.



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