Treatment for all types of hair quality

Hi! I’m Yosuke, beautician in Nagoya.

I’ll talk about the treatment we recommend in our salon. We don’t use the same type of treatment for every customers. Each customer has each trouble, so we choose the one that fits the hair quality of yourself from many types.

We can improve any type of hair quality.

I’ll introduce the product called “Aujua“. First, I’ll introduce the popular three of them.


QUENCH” is for treatment who has dry hair. Your hair become moist and smooth.


“IMMURISE”  is for “aging hair”. Aging hair is a hair quality that is thin and dry by grow older. Most people become having aging hair about up from 35 years old. If you have problem with aging hair, try it.


“DIORUM” is for heavily damaged hair. People who has bleached, color many times, straight perm, should use this. This one is the best performance in Aujua, so it costs a little expensive.


We also have a lot of types.  These are just only a small part.

We join up these many types of treatment and use in our salon.

“Aujua system treatment” is ¥4000 +tax

just “DIORUM” is a little expensive.

We have 20% discount for first time customers.

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