best styling product in Japan

Hi! I’m Yosuke , hair dresser in Nagoya. I’m so happy because international customer is increasing recently 🙂

Today I’ll talk about styling product. There’s so so so so so so … many types. I think it’s even more difficult to find the one which fits you in different country.

The most popular series of it is called “N.“.


There’s multiple types of it, I’ll introduce them.

Polish oil

This is a hair oil to use for styling mainly. It gives your dry hair oily and smoothly. Your hair will be seen watery.

I’ll recommend this the best.

Shea oil

n. シアオイル

This is also an oil type of styling product. But it feel lighter when you put on your hair, and also you can use this for treatment. You don’t have to wash off this, put on before you dry your hair or using irons. Of course you can use this for styling. It makes your hair easily to settle.

Natural balm

This feeling is like between wax and oil. It isn’t hard as a wax but it’s not light as an oil. You can use this for styling mainly. If you want to move your hair, it’ll fit your hair style. It also gives your hair easily to settle.

These three is the ones I mainly use in my dressing. “N.”series has other few types, if you have any questions feel free to contact.Most of these can use as also as a hair treatment.

My introducing is not so good please visit our salon and feel directly. We welcome only for take a look of our products.

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