latest hair-care item for dry hair in Japan

Hi! I’m Yosuke hair dresser in Nagoya.

Almost of Japanese people has dry hair, so Japanese hair-care product for dry hair has high performance.I’ll introduce you the new hair-care item for who has dry hair. It makes your hair moisture and smooth. You can also use it on fizzy hair.

The product is called “UTAU“. It has naturally-derived ingredients, so you can use the oils for hand or body oil.


This shampoo has oil inside and protect your hair. It wash your hair softly and also give your hair moisture.

250ml ¥3300 / 500ml ¥5500


You can choose “heavy” or “light”. Heavy is for who wants anti-frizz. Light one is for who wants hair fluffs up.

200g ¥3500 / 450g ¥7700

Hair Oil

Oil has also two types.

Rich oil serum

is for dry fizzy hair.

30ml ¥4400

Smoothing Oil

is lighter than rich oil, any types of hair quality will fit this oil.

45ml ¥3200

You can also use these for hair styling.

Also you can use these for skin. It makes your skin moisture.

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